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Professional Development Programs


Professional Development Programs

Career Routes BD professional development programs aim to build industry-specific and employability skills through a combination of education and work placement plan that helps tertiary students, graduates and young professionals access work placements, mentoring and training with respected UKn and global businesses.

The professional development program is vital to continuing your career growth and striving to reach your goals. These programs enable learners to develop skills critical to growing their corporate careers. We offer tailored work-integrated learning programs for higher education, vocational education and industry partners.

Professional development programs are designed to help individuals acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable them to perform their job more effectively and advance in their careers. These programs can take many forms, such as workshops, seminars, online courses, mentoring, coaching, and on-the-job training.

Benefits of Professional Development for Employees

From gaining confidence in your abilities to building potential for advancement, professional development offers employees many benefits for their career and personal goals.

Learn new skills

You may hone hard and soft skills through professional development. Hard skills pertain to job-specific knowledge you can obtain through formal training or education. Soft skills are personal competencies, such as effective communication or skills contributing to emotional intelligence. Developing both types of skills is vital to reaching your professional goals and even some of your personal ones.

Boost Confidence and Credibility

Adding additional skills or certification from a professional development program to your resume can boost your confidence in your skills and show your credibility to employers. Professional development opportunities can expose new and experienced professionals to new ideas and expertise. Seeking these opportunities shows ambition and the space to practice those new competencies.

Develop Leadership Skills

A confident employee is also likely an enthusiastic employee. If you take the step to grow and develop your skills, the incentive to seek out additional opportunities can continue to expand along with it. Suppose you are an employee who wants to advance your career but isn’t sure how to do so. In that case, professional development can encourage you to put your hand up for leadership opportunities you may not have sought out otherwise.

Build Your Network

Professional development can provide many networking opportunities. Workshops, conferences, classes, and webinars are all spaces where professionals can meet new people within their industry and make new connections. These connections can lead to new opportunities, mentorship, and support which may provide the next steppingstone in your career.

Advance in your career

A well-qualified employee attracts employer attention. Employees who are invested in professional development display commitment to their work and an interest in improving. Professional development can also boost your earning potential by increasing your value through obtaining credentials, certifications, and designations.

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